Leonforte and Assoro, Sicily

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  1. Operation Husky 2013 was an incredible commemorative campaign organized by Steven Gregory. His mission was most certainly accomplished and our Canadian fallen soldiers in Sicily were so genuinely remembered. Our family also remembers the many friends that we made, the sweltering Sicilian heat, the winding narrow roads to get back to our hotel every night and our valiant attempts to communicate with the people of Sicily. It was so emotional and surreal for our family to finally see the places in the war stories that Dad shared with us. I believe our children more than ever can appreciate the heroism of our 1st Canadian Division in the Sicily and Italian campaigns.
    We will cherish our memories forever.

    • Would love to hear more about your trip.
      My dad was there with PPCLI. He was injured.
      He was a Major. I have a lot of paper clips that were saved by my
      How were the people in Leonforte ?


      Ted P.

  2. The story, as told by Shirley Gervais, about the family visit to Sicily to honour her deceased father and his fallen comrades in “Operation Husky” was very moving. Canadians should know more about the contribution of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in the success of the Allied invasion of Sicily.
    My wife and I, along with another couple, are planning to visit the Agira Canadian War Cemetery when we are in Catania next month. I can recommend the book “The Canadian Battlefields in Italy, Sicily & Southern Italy” by Eric McGeer and Terry Copp, which I read in preparation for our visit.

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