Agira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily

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  1. It was a solemn day, but the ceremony was very appropriate. I enjoyed the freshness of the wind and of course being on the VIP stage provided shade.

  2. The ceremony was very moving and touching at the Canadian War Cemetery in Agira. Our family feels very blessed that we were able to participate in this very historical commemoration to honor our fallen Canadians in the Sicilian campaign. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Steve Gregory and his family for their sacrifice in organizing Operation Husky 2013. Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude. It is very difficult to imagine the diligence and dedication that was required for a civilian effort of this magnitude.
    We have so many fond memories that we will remember always and cherish forever.
    Thanks again Steve.

  3. Such a great experience. What a grand day. Thanks so much for a memory of a lifetime.

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    • Joseph Edward Hanishewski lost his life July 23 after being wounded in Leonforte. Sadly his grave at Agira is marked as Unknown Soldier

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