Remembrance Ceremonies

Veterans-224x300July 10th at the landing site on the beaches of Pachino. This ceremony will include the unveiling of a new permanent memorial to the Canadian forces. This ceremony marks the beginning of the Symbolic March from Pachino to Agira. The July 10 Remembrance Ceremony will recognize the sacrifice of 10 Canadian lives lost on that 70 years to the day earlier but also those of 58 soldiers who were lost at sea when the transports St. Essylt, City of Venice and Devis were sunk by a German U-Boat on July 4–5 en route from Great Britain to Sicily.

Salute-300x291July 30th at the Canadian War Cemetery in Agira. The ceremony at  Agira is the culmination of all of the activities planned for Operation Husky 2013. There are 484 Canadians at rest on this spectacular site. It is our sincere hope that we will have one person in attendance for each of the graves at Agira. Participants are invited to stand graveside, representing that soldier and answering in their place as we perform a ceremonial role call.

To take part in either or both of these ceremonies, please contact Vacances Preference by clicking here.

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